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I first met Linda Ciavarelli in the fall of 2009....when I was suddenly required to oversee the renovation and selling of my childhood home on Long Island, NY.

My situation was a bit unique due to the fact that my residence was in Massachusetts, which required as a minimum a four hour commute to Long Island. Not having lived in the area for several years, my contacts were limited and I knew I would need someone who I could trust and depend on during my absence..I previously met with a few realtors, but I didn't get the feeling that they appreciated the position I was in or the effort that might be required. I saw a Coach Realty sign in my area with Linda's name and decided to give her a call and an appointment was made.

Linda immediately went to work....she looked at the condition of the house and told me what areas I would need to upgrade and concentrate on to make the  home presentable for showing....and most important, she took the time to understand my situation...at the end of the meeting she graciously offered to assist me in any way she could, to help my task at hand if I needed someone on site to handle things in my absence.

 During the next several years, that's right years...Linda supplied me with constant market updates, advised me on what further improvements would be equitable and which wouldn't, supplied me with the names of contractors, lawyers and electricians, etc., obtained and paid for documents that could only be gotten during t he work week not on weekends, coordinated open houses with my weekend work schedule, checked on my residence during hurricanes, snow falls and occasionally finish closing up when in my eagerness to leave, I failed to do so...all this without having a guarantee that she would one day be compensated...truly amazing!!!

I consider myself very fortunate in having Linda as my realtor and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Yours Truly,

Lou Martinez